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NASA created to solve the purpose of space and laser industries; it has energy that vibrates metaphysical properties. It is a healer of physical, emotional, spiritual and balancing of Chakras seen as cosmic doorway to other realms.  Third Eye, Crown, and etheric chakras and create gentle awareness to use the hidden creative side of the wearing individual.

"Healers believed that the color energies of this glass resonate deep within the body and open up all the channels for meditation, it is also supposed to stimulate the creative visualization of the carrier inspired from the cleric. Multi color crystals ranging from clean white, colorless, orange, and at times purple make it a rare glittering jewelry. https://www.gemexi.com/gemstones/dichroic-glass

Facts about Dichroic Glass

  • Dichroic glass does not use paints, dyestuffs, or any other sort of coloring agent to create its color, but sometimes parts of colored glass are coated.
  • The coating itself doesn't deliver its own inherent color, but like prism it is predisposed to make rainbows.
  • There are endless possibilities to make this glass as it can be produced by using different permutations of oxides, glass colors, and archetypes.
  • It is extraordinarily rich with altered colors and designs. These amazing design elements add flash, sparkle and intrigue to jewelry and create a sensation of luxury in the artistic class.
  • It is not reflective because of particular glass or textures.

Metaphysical Properties

Metaphysical Properties:

  • Dichroic Glass is a coating of several strata of color on glass by applying a highly technical vacuum deposition process.
  • When Quartz and Metal Oxides are vaporized with an electron beam gun in an airless vacuum chamber and the vapor then floats up and attaches then condenses on the airfoil of the ice in the shape of a crystal structure.
  • The coating that is produced is really alike to a gemstone and by careful control of thickness, different colors are obtained.
  • With the fun of light together with its vibrant color, Dichroic Glass is a prime tool used to add interest to whatever composition of workplace or task.

It is enjoyed by wearies to provide vision for  to propel the wearer both physically and spiritually and from one realm to the adjacent.